Y10 – 04/03/2016

Due: 08/03 (Issued: 04/03)


Using your answers to the previous homework sheet, answer the question using AIDRWL:

“How has the writer structured the text to interest you as a reader?”


  1. Written in full sentences.
  2. Adhere to the AIDRWL structure.
  3. User the terminology on the handout.


  1. Who is speaking?
  2. Is this general or specific?
  3. What tense is being used and what does this imply?
  4. What is the sentence type?
  5. What is the focus?
  6. How does the focus change?
  7. How does the writer show us the change?
  8. How is punctuation similar different
  9. Other structural features, look at terminology sheet and highlight examples of this in the source.

What else to think about

  1. What the writer focuses your attention on at the beginning
  2. How and why the writer changes this focus as the source develops
  3. Any other structural features that interest you.