Y7 – 10/05/16

Due: 16/05 (Issued: 10/05)


  1. Read again source A. Choose four statements below which are TRUE.
    (Paper 2. Question 1.)
    • Lyra refuses to explain why she is wearing the bag.
    • The golden monkey and the polecat are evenly matched
    • Lyra and Pantaliamon share a bond so that Lyra gives Pantalaimon tactics
    • The monkey has an emotionless and inquisitive manner.
    • Lyra can feel the pain inflicted on Pantalaimon by the monkey
    • Mrs Coulter appears detached from the monkey’s violent behaviour.
    • The monkey responds to Mrs Coulter’s thoughts.
    • Mrs Coulter has said all she has to say on the matter.


  2. Read again Source B. List four things from this part of the text about the aftermath of Lyra and Mrs Coulter’s disagreement. (Paper 1. Question 1.)
  3. You need to refer to source A for this question. Look in detail at each example, a and b from the source.

    How does the writer use language in each example to reveal Mrs Coulter’s feelings?
    a) Source A; Lines 2to 3: “She didn’t finish the sentence, because Mrs. Coulter’s daemon sprang off the sofa in a blur of golden fur and pinned Pantalaimon to the carpet before he could move.”

    b) Source A; Lines 7 to 8: “…he took one of Pantalaimon’s ears in his other paw and pulled as if he intended to tear it off. Not angrily, either, but with a cold curious force that was horrifying to see and even worse to feel. “


  • All 3 questions answered
  • Handout stuck in your books
  • At least 1 paragraph in length for 3.a and 3.b (5-8 sentences per paragraph)
  • Correct punctuation
  • Correct capital letters
  • Check your spellings