Y9 -29/09/16

Due: 04/10 (Issued: 29/09)

Title: Diary Entry


  • Choose one of the main characters:
    Mrs Johnstone, Mrs Lyons, Eddie, Mickey
  • Consider everything that has happened in Act One
  • Write a diary entry about one particular event that has happened in your life so far


  • What life was like before this “incident”
  • Discuss the actual event
  • Add emotional weight (reflect on your immediate feelings as well as your feelings in hindsight)
  • Look to the future – what might this mean?


  • Length: at least a page
  • Paragraphs
  • Full sentences (except where used for effect)
  • A range of sentence structures
  • A range of punctuation
  • Correct use of capital letters


  • Dramatise the actual event (go into the scene and describe how it played out – from your perspective)

Y7 – 29/09/16

Due: 04/10 (Issued: 29/09)

Title: Adaptation


  • You are to adapt the extract from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein from its current format (as narrative prose / a story) into a script
  • Remember to use the correct features for a script
  • Use stage directions for movement and emotion
  • Attribute dialogue to the right character(s)


  • Add an additional 2-4 lines of dialogue
  • Be specific about your use of emotions – verbs and adjectives


We ascended into my room, and the servant presently brought breakfast; but I was unable to contain myself. It was not joy only that possessed me; I felt my flesh tingle with excess of sensitiveness, and my pulse beat rapidly. I was unable to remain for a single instant in the same place; I jumped over the chairs, clapped my hands, and laughed aloud. Clerval at first attributed my unusual spirits to joy on his arrival; but when he observed me more attentively he saw a wildness in my eyes for which he could not account; and my loud, unrestrained, heartless laughter frightened and astonished him.

“My dear Victor,” cried he, “what, for God’s sake, is the matter? Do not laugh in that manner. How ill you are! What is the cause of all this?”

“Do not ask me,” cried I, putting my hands before my eyes for I thought I saw the dreaded spectre glide into the room; “he can tell. — Oh, save me! save me!” I imagined that the monster seized me; I struggled furiously, and fell down in a fit.

Poor Clerval! what must have been his feelings? A meeting, which he anticipated with such joy, so strangely turned to bitterness. But I was not the witness of his grief, for I collapsed lifeless.

By very slow degrees, I recovered, and as I did so, Clerval helped me to a chair. He was greatly relieved to see me alive.

“Dearest Clerval,” exclaimed I, “how kind, how very good you are to me. How shall I ever repay you?”

“You will repay me entirely if you do not discompose yourself. I may speak to you on one subject, may I not?”

I trembled. One subject! what could it be? Could he allude to an object on whom I dared not even think?

“Compose yourself,” said Clerval, who observed my change of colour, “I will not mention it, if it agitates you; but your father and cousin would be very happy if they received a letter from you in your own handwriting. They hardly know how ill you have been, and are uneasy at your long silence.”

Y8 – 28/09/16

Due: 05/10 (Issued: 28/09)

Title: Act One Recap


  1. Complete the 4 multiple choice questions
  2. Read the short extract
  3. Complete the first paragraph
    (fill in the gaps using appropriate keywords, quotes and your knowledge of Act One)
  4. Stick the sheet in your books
  5. Write the very last sentence “On the other hand, Osborne seems to feel some sympathy for Hibbert” in your books and complete the paragraph, using quotes and your own inferences


  • All tasks complete
  • Written paragraph consists of 5-8 sentences
  • Check you punctuation and capital letters


  • Write a third paragraph discussing how Stanhope and Hibbert are a mirror image of one another

Homework Worksheet

Stanhope shows Osborne a photo. Osborne guesses it is Raleigh’s sister before Stanhope tells him. This supports Stanhope’s belief that (pg.29):

  1. Osborne has met Raleigh’s sister before and recognises her
  2. Raleigh has already started talking about Stanhope to Osborne
  3. Raleigh has shown Osborne a picture of his sister

Stanhope tells Osborne that Raleigh’s sister is ‘waiting for him’. Is she (pg.31)…

  1. Waiting for him to come home on leave
  2. Waiting for him to admit he has a drink problem
  3. Waiting to marry him
  4. Waiting for him to come home from the war

Stanhope admits that if he didn’t drink whisky, going into the front line trenches would make him (pg.31):

  1. Feel less brave
  2. Feel less confident
  3. Make him mad with fright

Stanhope knows that Raleigh thinks of him as a hero, but that this is based on their school-day relationship. He doesn’t think he will be a hero in Raleigh’s eyes much longer as hero-worship only goes on (pg.33)…

  1. Whilst you’re at school
  2. If the hero is still acting like a role model, a hero to emulate
  3. When you’re young and impressionable

Hibbert:     Thanks
[He goes out again. There is silence.]
Stanhope:  Another little worm trying to wriggle home.
Osborne:    [filling his pipe] I wonder if he really is bad. He looks rotten.
Stanhope:  Pure bloody funk, that’s all. He could eat if he wanted to; he’s starving himself purposely. Artful little swine! Neuralgia’s a splendid idea. No proof, as far as I can see.
Osborne:    You can’t help feeling sorry for him. I think he’s tried hard.

What are Stanhope and Osborne’s views of Hibbert’s claim to have neuralgia?
Use succinct quotations in your paragraph.
Use the key words unsympathetic and uncompromising in your answer.

Hibbert claims to have ‘neuralgia’ in his                                . Neuralgia might feel like having a constant                         . Stanhope does not believe that Hibbert is ill, he says that there is ‘No                                                   .’ Stanhope uses two             in which he compares Hibbert to a                          and to a     . Stanhope’s attitude to Hibbert is         . He thinks Hibbert is…

On the other hand, Osborne seems to feel some sympathy for Hibbert.

Keywords: Unsympathetic. Uncompromising. Neuralgia.

Y8 – 23/09/16

Due: 28/09 (Issued: 23/09)

Title: A picture of Stanhope


  1. What picture have we built up of Stanhope from Hardy, Osborne and Raleigh?
  2. Write three paragraphs giving your opinion based on the opinions of the three characters
  3. Conclude with your own opinion

You could write about

  • Which character you might agree with and why?
  • Which character you think is exaggerating?
  • Which character is the most trustworthy to describe who Stanhope is now?

Y10 – 23/09/16

Due: 27/09 (Issued: 23/09)

Title: Building your story


Write the opening part of a story about a place that is severely affected by the weather. (40 Marks)
[24 marks content / organisation – 16 marks technical accuracy]

Content and Organisation [24 marks].

  • Keep your story simple
  • One or two characters
  • Present one main event
  • Event(s) takes place in the past
  • Event(s) takes place over a short period of time
  • Main event has just happened or is just about to take place
  • You are only writing the opening of a story

Technical Accuracy [16 Marks]
Have you used?

  • Simple sentences
  • Compound sentences (FANBOYS/ASBO)
  • Complex sentences (no comma)
  • Complex sentences (with a comma)
  • Complex sentences (star with -ing/-ed)
  • Varied vocabulary for effect

Y9 – 22/09/16

Due: 27/09 (Issued: 22/09)

Title: How does the writer create a sense of foreboding in Act one of Blood Brothers?


  1. Develop a set of RACERS paragraph
  2. Explore foreboding through the implications of superstition


  • At least three full RACERS paragraphs
  • Full sentences
  • Cited quotes
  • Capital letters
  • Full stops
  • Discourse Markers to connect paragraphs


  • Avoid using sentence starters

Sentence Starters

RA) The writer creates a sense of foreboding by…
C) In the play, [Character Name] says “[quote]”
E) This character is saying…
R) The use of the word / phrase / pronunciation “[quote]” shows / suggests…
S) This makes me think… / From this we can infer that…

RA) This is further supported / magnified / amplified / intensified / enhanced by…
C) etc…

Y7 – 22/09/16

Due: 27/09 (Issued: 22/09)

Title: Using Verbs


  1. Write a 1st person narrative as if you are observing Dr Victor Frankenstein and Clerval.
  2. Use the  verbs (below)

Students Groups

Remember which group you were put in (check your planner). Complete the task relevant to your group.

  1. Use at least 3 verbs of expression, 2 verbs of motion and at least 1 adverb for each character.
  2. Use at least 5 verbs of expression, 3 verbs of motion and at least 2 adverbs for each character.
  3. Use at least 7 verbs of expression, 4 verbs of motion and at least 3 adverbs for each character.


Vocal Expression Motions
Lights a lamp
Rubs a glass
Opens a door