Y8 – 12/09/16

Due: 19/09 (Issued: 12/09)

Title: Stage layout for Journey’s End


  1. Draw a stage, based upon the description of the scene for putting on a production of Journey’s End.
  2. Annotate (label) each part of the set
  3. Make sure to include where the audience sit


  1. Write an explanation of why the set might be laid out in this way. What is the benefit? Are there any drawbacks?
  2. Does the set successfully draw you into the play? How?
  3. How does the realism of the set help you to get a feel for what life must have been like in the trenches?


A dugout in the British trenches before St Quentin.

A few rough steps lead into the trench above, through a low doorway. A table occupies a good space of the dugout floor. A wooden frame, covered with wire netting, stands against the left wall and serves the double purpose of a bed and a seat for the table. A wooden bench against the back wall makes another seat, and two boxes serve for the other sides.

Another wire-covered bed is fixed in the right corner beyond the doorway.

Gloomy tunnels lead out of the dugout to left and right.

Except for the table, beds, and seats, there is no furniture save the bottles holding the candles, and a few tattered magazine pictures pinned to the wall of girls in flimsy costumes.

The earth walls deaden the sounds of war, making them faint and far away, although the front line is only fifty yards ahead. The flames of the candles that burn day and night are steady in the still, damp air.