Y10 – 13/09/16

Due: 21/09 (Issued: 13/09)

Title: Character Observation


1. Observe one of your teachers, making notes and lists about the following:

  • clothing (and how it fits them)
  • mannerisms
  • personality
  • how they carry themselves
  • gait
  • use of language and pronunciations
  • what was your first opinion of them

2. Write a description of them, in either past or present tense, from your perspective as a student in their lesson.


  1. Do not name the teacher
  2. Do not be mean or rude (consider your use of language – where necessary, favour euphemism over brutal honesty)
  3. Correctly use capital letters
  4. Correctly use punctuation
  5. Check your spellings
  6. Write at least 2/3 of a page


Rewrite your observation, replacing all verbs and adjectives with more powerful / precise language (make friends with a thesaurus).