Y9 – 13/09/16

Due: 19/09 (Issued: 12/09)

Title: A Letter of Advice


  • Consider the themes and topics discussed so far in relation to Blood Brothers and its context
  • Plan and write a letter to Mrs Johnstone
  • Offer advice on what to do with one of the twins – should she give it up to Mrs Lyons or keep it?


  • What points / facts are most important to your argument?
  • What order provides the best argument? Put your strongest point at the end.
  • Can you include a counter argument that you can dismiss using the strength of your points?


  • Write in full sentences
  • Write in clear paragraphs (change paragraphs for a change of subject, perspective, or time)
  • Use discourse markers to connect your paragraphs into a cohesive narrative
  • At least one page in length
  • At least 3 points / facts to be covered
  • Correctly use capital letters
  • Correctly use punctuation
  • Check your spellings


  • Use at least 1 example of a persuasive language for each point