Y7 – 15/09/16

Due: 22/09 (Issued: 15/09)

Title: First-person Account


  • Write the opening to a gothic story where you encounter strange and horrifying sights and sounds that leave you wondering if they were real

Starting Sentence

It was in the years when I used to hike alone; I can vividly recall my lonely climb when a sudden dark shadow swept across the bright moon above me.


  • Write in first person
  • Write in past tense
  • At least two paragraphs
  • Use gothic imagery (think about sinister and creepy words to make your reader anxious)
  • Correctly use capital letters
  • Check your spellings (use a dictionary)


Re-read your work, sentence by sentence, out loud. Does it sound correct? Does it scan grammatically? Edit and rewrite where appropriate.