Y9 – 22/09/16

Due: 27/09 (Issued: 22/09)

Title: How does the writer create a sense of foreboding in Act one of Blood Brothers?


  1. Develop a set of RACERS paragraph
  2. Explore foreboding through the implications of superstition


  • At least three full RACERS paragraphs
  • Full sentences
  • Cited quotes
  • Capital letters
  • Full stops
  • Discourse Markers to connect paragraphs


  • Avoid using sentence starters

Sentence Starters

RA) The writer creates a sense of foreboding by…
C) In the play, [Character Name] says “[quote]”
E) This character is saying…
R) The use of the word / phrase / pronunciation “[quote]” shows / suggests…
S) This makes me think… / From this we can infer that…

RA) This is further supported / magnified / amplified / intensified / enhanced by…
C) etc…