Y8 – 28/09/16

Due: 05/10 (Issued: 28/09)

Title: Act One Recap


  1. Complete the 4 multiple choice questions
  2. Read the short extract
  3. Complete the first paragraph
    (fill in the gaps using appropriate keywords, quotes and your knowledge of Act One)
  4. Stick the sheet in your books
  5. Write the very last sentence “On the other hand, Osborne seems to feel some sympathy for Hibbert” in your books and complete the paragraph, using quotes and your own inferences


  • All tasks complete
  • Written paragraph consists of 5-8 sentences
  • Check you punctuation and capital letters


  • Write a third paragraph discussing how Stanhope and Hibbert are a mirror image of one another

Homework Worksheet

Stanhope shows Osborne a photo. Osborne guesses it is Raleigh’s sister before Stanhope tells him. This supports Stanhope’s belief that (pg.29):

  1. Osborne has met Raleigh’s sister before and recognises her
  2. Raleigh has already started talking about Stanhope to Osborne
  3. Raleigh has shown Osborne a picture of his sister

Stanhope tells Osborne that Raleigh’s sister is ‘waiting for him’. Is she (pg.31)…

  1. Waiting for him to come home on leave
  2. Waiting for him to admit he has a drink problem
  3. Waiting to marry him
  4. Waiting for him to come home from the war

Stanhope admits that if he didn’t drink whisky, going into the front line trenches would make him (pg.31):

  1. Feel less brave
  2. Feel less confident
  3. Make him mad with fright

Stanhope knows that Raleigh thinks of him as a hero, but that this is based on their school-day relationship. He doesn’t think he will be a hero in Raleigh’s eyes much longer as hero-worship only goes on (pg.33)…

  1. Whilst you’re at school
  2. If the hero is still acting like a role model, a hero to emulate
  3. When you’re young and impressionable

Hibbert:     Thanks
[He goes out again. There is silence.]
Stanhope:  Another little worm trying to wriggle home.
Osborne:    [filling his pipe] I wonder if he really is bad. He looks rotten.
Stanhope:  Pure bloody funk, that’s all. He could eat if he wanted to; he’s starving himself purposely. Artful little swine! Neuralgia’s a splendid idea. No proof, as far as I can see.
Osborne:    You can’t help feeling sorry for him. I think he’s tried hard.

What are Stanhope and Osborne’s views of Hibbert’s claim to have neuralgia?
Use succinct quotations in your paragraph.
Use the key words unsympathetic and uncompromising in your answer.

Hibbert claims to have ‘neuralgia’ in his                                . Neuralgia might feel like having a constant                         . Stanhope does not believe that Hibbert is ill, he says that there is ‘No                                                   .’ Stanhope uses two             in which he compares Hibbert to a                          and to a     . Stanhope’s attitude to Hibbert is         . He thinks Hibbert is…

On the other hand, Osborne seems to feel some sympathy for Hibbert.

Keywords: Unsympathetic. Uncompromising. Neuralgia.