Y9 -29/09/16

Due: 04/10 (Issued: 29/09)

Title: Diary Entry


  • Choose one of the main characters:
    Mrs Johnstone, Mrs Lyons, Eddie, Mickey
  • Consider everything that has happened in Act One
  • Write a diary entry about one particular event that has happened in your life so far


  • What life was like before this “incident”
  • Discuss the actual event
  • Add emotional weight (reflect on your immediate feelings as well as your feelings in hindsight)
  • Look to the future – what might this mean?


  • Length: at least a page
  • Paragraphs
  • Full sentences (except where used for effect)
  • A range of sentence structures
  • A range of punctuation
  • Correct use of capital letters


  • Dramatise the actual event (go into the scene and describe how it played out – from your perspective)