Y10 – 11/10/16

Due: 14/10 (part 1) & 19/10 (part 2) (Issued: 11/10)

Title: Footprints – review and edit


Meet with a partner and review each other’s work. Make corrections (in green pen with www and hti clearly identified) in the following way:

  • SPaG
  • Meaning and understanding
  • Clarity of description
  • Identify SOAPMAPS techniques
  • A narrative with clear drive and purpose

Due: 14/10

Rewrite the first 500 words of your short story, and begin crafting the last 350 words

Due: 19/10

We’re inviting students from all secondary state schools across the UK to submit 850 words or less of poetry or prose on the theme of ‘Footprints’. Students can explore this theme and its associations in any way they choose: we’re looking forward to seeing imaginative and innovative entries! 

Website: http://www.firststory.org.uk/footprints/