Y7 – 10/11/16

Due: 15/11 (Issued: 10/11)
Title: Self-test Revision 2

A) Using your original set of “Self-test Revision” questions and answers, revise 10 of the questions.


  1. Copy a question from the original set (without looking at the answer) or off the top of your head
  2. Complete the answer
  3. Check your answer against the original set
  4. Did you get it right? Give yourself a tick
  5. Otherwise, correct your written answer (be certain to identify the keywords in the answer to aid your memory)
  6. Provide examples (if stuck, refer to a dictionary to help)

B) Create a test of 5 questions for another student to complete in class


  1. Consider which questions you’ve found the hardest to answer
  2. Use those hard questions for your partner

Question Types

  1. What is / define… > Define a proper noun
  2. Provide an example of a… > Provide an example of a preposition of time in a sentence
  3. Correctly identify the word classes in the grid
adjective   primary verb   adverb   preposition    noun
The angry cat was creeping very slowly towards the bird
determiner   common noun   main verb   adverb    determiner