Y7 – 10/01/17

Due: 31/01 (Issued: 10/01)

Title: Presentation on a Novel that you have Read

Task: You are to create a presentation on a novel that you have read.

You have 2 and a half weeks to read the book and then spend at least half an hour writing a really good presentation.

  • Visual aids are optional.

You are recommended to focus your presentation on:

  1. A clear summary of the book, including:
    the main story,
    key events,
    important characters
  2. Consider the order of your delivery. What are the most important/interesting aspects that should be shared?
  3. Think about what you really enjoyed about the book. How can you convince other people to want to read your book?
  4. What might others want to know about your book? And what might you want to know about other people’s books