Y8 – 11/01/17

Due: 16/11 (Issued: 11/01)

Title: Features of a Story

Task: Write a page (three or more PEA paragraphs) explaining the features of a short story and why they are important.

  • You will need to use the handout discussed in class. Download it here: story-features.docx
  • Discuss the features and use evidence from the opening extract of the story David’s Haircut
  • Use the sentence starters, below, to help you

Extract from David’s Haircut

When David steps out of the front door he is blinded for a moment by the white, fizzing sunlight and reaches instinctively for his dad’s hand.

It’s the first really warm day of the year, an unexpected heat that bridges the cusp between spring and summer. Father and son are on their way to the barbershop, something they have always done together.

Always, the routine is the same. “It’s about time we got that mop of yours cut,” David’s dad will say, pointing at him with two fingers, a cigarette wedged between them. “Perhaps I should do it. Where are those shears Janet?”

Sometimes his dad chases him round the living room, pretending to cut off his ears. When he was young David used to get too excited and start crying, scared that maybe he really would lose his ears, but he has long since grown out of that.

PEA Sentence Starters

  • use the following sentences starters, copying the example as your first paragraph and then replacing the emboldened and underlined text with your own answers:

P) Stories use different features to help orient the reader to what they are reading. For example the setting tells the reader where the story is set and the locations of specific scenes.

E) In David’s Haircut the writer states that “Father and son are on their way to the barbershop”.

A) The noun “barbershop” is a modern location where people, and in this case “Father and son”, go to have their haircut.

W) The writer is establishing a set of assumptions that leads us to understand what to expect.

R) In David’s Haircut the reader assumes that the story is going to be set in the modern day because a barbershop is a modern, domestic location and the story is therefore not going to be about aliens, monsters or gunfights.

  • Another important feature in stories is/are…