Y7 – 19/01/17

Due: 24/01 (Issued: 18/01)

Title: Creative Writing

Task: Write two PEA paragraphs discussing how the language changes your understanding of the poem.

You are the sun
in reverse, all energy
flows into you . . .


  • Two full PEA paragraphs
  • First paragraph to discuss how the poem starts out, seeming to be positive
  • Second paragraph must discuss how the poem alters our perception from positive to negative
  • Second paragraph must include an analysis of the last line “flows into you”
  • After you have written both paragraphs, get a parent to help you correct any mistakes in SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar)

Paragraph 1

P) In Atwood’s Unnamed poem the first line leads the reader to assume that the poem is positive.

E) Atwood writes “You are the sun” to an unnamed subject, addressed as “you” through direct address.

I) Atwood compares the subject to a “____” using a…

W) Atwood is suggesting that… because…

R) The reader imagines/thinks/feels… because…

L) However, this idea of a positive comparison is upset as the poem continues.

Paragraph 2

P) Atwood is in fact comparing the subject as/to…

E) Atwood writes “…”.

I) The _____ “_____” means/refers to…

W) Atwood is actually suggesting… because…

R) The reader imagines/thinks/feels… because…