Y10 – 10/02/17

Due: 22/02 (Issued: 10/02)

Title: Persuasive Letter

Task: Write the first draft of your persuasive letter

5) Students should be allowed to watch DVDs in lessons on the last day of term.
Write a letter to your head teacher arguing for or against this statement

[40 marks]


  1. Write your letter to Mr Barton
  2. Utilise a clear introduction
  3. Write 5 arguments
  4. Include 1 counter argument that you debunk (counter-counter argument)
  5. Write a conclusion that summarises your ideas
  6. Write at least 6 clear and strongly argued paragraphs
  7. Each paragraph must:
    establish a particular argument
    develop justifications
    develop from the previous paragraph (so that you cannot simply swap the paragraphs around) – make use of discourse markers

Arguments (For)

  1. After stressful exams – students deserve a break (wellbeing)
  2. Rewards benefit students’ interest and self esteem
  3. Cultural capital – develops understanding of outside world
  4. Expands cultural capital – history, literary, ethical, moral views and opinions
  5. Can be educational
  6. Some people benefit from visual learning over reading
  7. 1 day in 100 doesn’t matter
  8. Day before halfterm – students not engaged anyway

Arguments (Against)

  1. Parents may not want children watching (lack of benefit)
  2. Not everyone will engage with it (messing around)
    [Nova has binary behaviour – solves the problem through isolation]
  3. Watch films in your own time
  4. Some films have no value beyond entertainment
    [have a policy in place to choose films of benefit; they learn things without knowing it – osmosis]
  5. Pick up bad mannerisms
    [they will actually learn that’s the wrong thing – associate bad manners and the such like with villains and won’t identify with this behaviour]
  6. Films won’t get you a job in life and the purpose of school is preparation for a career [can build confidence (for interviews, etc), by giving access; jobs in the film industry are supported by an understanding of aspects of film; film industry is a burgeoning industry in Britain]
  7. Parents may deem some films inappropriate
    [controlled environment, sanctioned by age restrictions; not watched alone; similarly why hide from more difficult content and themes – in school we can discuss these ideas – cultural capital]Students who spend their time in isolation also benefit (is this fair)
    [They will want to be present to enjoy the rewards, so will eschew their bad behaviour; could be visual learners and might settle in this environment]