Y7 – 23/02/17

Due: 02/03 (Issued: 23/02)

Title: Hamelin, A Rewrite

Task: Rewrite your short story about Hamelin

Write from the (1st person) p.o.v. of an aged parent who lost a child to the piper (how do you feel?)

  1. Refer to life 10 years after the children left
  2. Refer to life before the rats
  3. Refer to life with the rats
  4. Refer to the day after the children left


Your writing must include all the features of narrative covered in today’s lesson:

  1. Descriptions (Descriptive language to create images in the reader’s mind and enhance the story.)
    a) Physical descriptions (what characters look like)
    b) Setting descriptions (where characters are)
  2. Characterisation (Descriptive language to reveal personalities and identities)
    a)Behaviour descriptions
  3. Dialogue
    a) Speech (what characters say)
  4. Reflection
    a) Thoughts (what characters think)
    b) Experience (what characters know)


Bring your writing to life through the use of figurative devices (covered over the last few terms)