Y10 – 14/03/17

Due: 17/03 (Issued: 14/03)

Time: No more than 20 minutes

Title: How does the writer use language to show the soldier’s attitude towards the enemy or the bombs in the extract below?

Task: Use the analysis process to explore one quotation from the extract below

  1. Use a spider diagram
  2. identify keywords,
  3. identify connotations,
  4. identify word classes
  5. List bullet points of why the writer has written this
  6. List bullet points of how it affects the reader

‘They calls them the musical instruments,’ said the sergeant. ‘Damn them,’ said Frank Jones-Bateman, who had a cut in his hand from a jagged little piece, ‘the devils have started on me early.’ ‘Aye, they’ll have a lot of fun with you before they’re done, sir,’ grinned the sergeant.