Y8 – 17/03/17

Due: 17/03 (Issued: 14/03)

Time: No more than 20 minutes

Title: Write your paragraph

Task: Use the bullet points that you have created to write one, whole paragraph that answers the question:

How does the writer use language to show that when the pigs debate, they are always in disagreement?

In your response, you could:

  • write about your own impressions of the characters
    evaluate how the writer has created these impressions
    support your opinions with references to the text.


  • Start with your keypoint
  • Introduce the full quotation
  • Evaluate each bullet point to ensure it a) supports your keypoint, and b) is in the correct order
  • Write each of your bullet points into the paragraph in an appropriate order
  • Read the paragraph and correct any grammatical issues
  • Ask a parent to help if you need to