Y7 – 23/03/17

Due: 28/03/17  (Issued: 23/03/17)

Title: “Dangerous Predator” Analysis

Turn the bullet points you have written down into a single paragraph.

You must…

  1. Use a keypoint to agree to the question about Maurice being a “dangerous predator”
  2. Identify and use your evidence
  3. Use discourse markers, determiner and pronouns to turn the separate bullet points into a single unified paragraph
  4. You will have to change some of the words to make the grammar work effectively

Maurice looked like a sleek killing machine.

  • This is a simile
  • “Sleek” is an adjective
  • “killing” is a gerund
  • “machine” is a noun
  • The writer is likening Maurice to a mechanised, unthinking thing
  • The adjective “sleek” suggests Maurice is streamlined and effective at killing
  • The noun phrase “killing machine” represents Maurice as designed to kill
  • Everything about Maurice is described in terms of him being a “dangerous predator”
  • The reader infers that Maurice is very good at the art of murder and therefore is an efficient killer
  • The reader imagines Maurice’s preparations to kill, as if every part of him is now honed and ready to destroy.
  • His dangerous nature is emphasised and his effectiveness seems to consolidate the idea of his being a particularly “dangerous predator”