Y9 – 03/04/17

Due: 07/04 (Issued: 03/04)

Title: The theme of Love

How is the theme of love expressed by the characters of Miss Havisham, Estella and Pip?


  • Create a single, unified answer which develops the negativity expressed about love, its characteristics and its effects


1.What is suggested about Pip by the phrase:
“I slipped hopelessly back into the coarse and common boy again.” (p.200)

2.How does Pip describe his treatment in the phrase:
“she lured me on.” (p.201)

3.What is Estella’s perception of having a heart?
“I have no softness there, no – sympathy – sentiment – nonsense.” (p.202)

4.How does Miss Havisham describe “real love”?
“It is blind devotion, unquestioning self-humiliation, utter submission, trust and belief against yourself and against the whole world, giving up your whole heart and soul to the smiter – as I did!” (p.204)