Y7 – 02/05/17 & Y8 – 03/05/17

Due: 09/05 (Set: 02/05)

Title: Noun Types

Task: Revise from the class questions

1.Define the following wordclasses:

a)Proper Noun

b)Common Noun

c)Abstract Noun


2.Identify the noun types in each sentence:

a)I have baked the pudding.

b)I am in fear of my life.

c)Please, move your elbow.

d)I bought these from Oxfam.

3.Identify the nouns and their types in each sentence:

a)Our partnership was without jealousy

b)The silk handkerchief was white.

c)I left my heart on the doorstep of her beauty.

d)It was only luck that meant the Nova Hreod building was still standing.