Y7 – 11/05/17

Due: 15/05 (Set: 11/05)

Title: Complete Analysis on Hound of the Baskervilles & Rewrite Jaws Analysis

Time: 20-25 minutes

Sentence Starters

Point: The writer uses language to…

Evidence: This is revealed in the quotation “…”

Identify & Define: The       “…” shows/suggests…

Writer: The writer is signifying / implying / suggesting… because…

Reader: The reader feels / imagines / thinks… because…

  1. Complete your Analysis of the Sherlock question:
    How does the writer use language here to develop suspense for the reader?

Very stealthily we heard it pass along until it died away in the distance. Then the baronet gently opened his door and we set out in pursuit. Already our man had gone round the gallery, and the corridor was all in darkness. Softly we stole along until we had come into the other wing. We were just in time to catch a glimpse of the tall, black-bearded figure, his shoulders rounded, as he tip-toed down the passage. Then he passed through the same door as before, and the light of the candle framed it in the darkness and shot one single yellow beam across the gloom of the corridor.

We shuffled cautiously towards it, trying every plank before we dared to put our whole weight upon it. We had taken the precaution of leaving our boots behind us, but, even so, the old boards snapped and creaked beneath our tread. Sometimes it seemed impossible that he should fail to hear our approach. However, the man is fortunately rather deaf, and he was entirely preoccupied in that which he was doing. When at last we reached the door and peeped through we found him crouching at the window, candle in hand, his white, intent face pressed against the pane, exactly as I had seen him two nights before.

2. Rewrite your Analysis of Jaws, responding to the feedback in your books.