Y10 – 17/05/17

Due: 19/05 (Set: 17/05)

Title: Plan your article

Time: 20-25 minutes

Familiarise yourself with all that follows and develop and plan the following: i) argument, ii) content, iii) structure and chronology, iv) effective rhetorical devices for an argument of your own choosing



The appropriate use of lexical and grammatical features, for a given context; dependent upon audience (who), topic (what), purpose (why) and location (where).

  • Give/respond to information;
  • Cite evidence and use quotations;
  • Include rhetorical devices;
  • Select, organise and emphasise facts, ideas and key points.



Writing types and purposes provide you the opportunity to communicate your personal view(s).

Write to persuade
Persuade the reader of the statement that…


Article (newspaper – broadsheet/tabloid, magazine, web log)

Basic marks:
i) Use of a simple title/headline,
ii) paragraphs.

Detailed marks:
Use of i) a clear/apt/original headline/title, ii) a strapline (caption), iii) subheadings, iv) introductory (overview) paragraph, v) effectively/fluently sequenced paragraphs.


Proposed Structure:


Paragraph One: Respond to the statement.

  • What is your initial reaction to the statement?
  • Why do you think what you do?
  • Remember: Keep to one clear viewpoint.

Paragraph Two: Uses statistics to support your response.

  • Use the results of an imagined survey to support your ideas.
  • Consider a percentage of people affected by the statement.
  • Remember: Keep the numbers realistic so that your work is sophisticated.

Paragraph Three: Use an anecdote to make your response more personal.

  • Tell the story of someone that has been affected in some way by the focus of your statement.
  • Consider the positive/negative impacts on their life.

Paragraph Four: Use an expert to make your response credible.

  • Use your expert to give clear reasons for your viewpoint.
  • Who do they work for?
  • What research have they conducted?
  • What observations have they made?

Aiming for the top?

– Counterpoints
– A one word sentence
– A one word or one sentence paragraph
– Additional statistics/experts/anecdotes.