Tutor Group – 08/09/16

Due: 22/09 (Issued: 08/09)

Title: My library service


  1. Research the different book services available from Swindon library service – make a list of what and how you can “read” books;
  2. Research how to become a member of Swindon’s library service – describe what you need to do and take with you (what do you need?);
  3. Visit your nearest library;
  4. Join your library service, ensuring you take sufficient identification for membership (you will need to take your parent or guardian);
  5. Borrow a book (of your choice) from the library
  6. Read your book for at least an hour during the week
  7. Record details of what you read in your reading log


  1. For point 2 (above) write in full sentences;
  2. Correct use of capital letters and (at least) full stops;
  3. Check any spellings you are unsure of.