Signify writer’s intentions
(be clear to infer implicit information)

  • Think
    • Consider the question you are responding to…
      • why might the writer want you / the reader to think / feel like this?
      • why do you think the writer has made this particular choice?
      • why has the writer chosen the word(s)?
      • infer your deeper understanding of what the writer is showing / suggesting about the theme / setting / atmosphere / character / perspective / (social or historical) context (what were expectations like at this time?)
  • Write
    • Write your writer’s intention in (at least) a single, concise sentence
      • as above
      • ensure this part of your response still reflects on your argument, your identified quote, and how you’ve defined that quote – do not talk about something else, yet.


… as the writer is seemingly foreshadowing that Marley may not remain dead.

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