Question the text

  • Who / what is it about?
  • Who wrote this? Whose voice is it?
  • What is their point of view? What are they arguing for / against?
  • What is their intention? What do they want you to believe?
  • Do you agree with them? Why?
  • Who has the power in the text?
  • How do you know?

Can you turn the text on its head?

  • Whose voice is not in the text and should be?
  • Whose voice is being silenced / marginalised by the text?
  • What is the counter argument? Is it as strong / stronger?
  • Are you aware of a competing narrative?
  • If this text is “normal” what would be abnormal?
  • How would the text be different if written from another perspective?
  • What language would need to change?