Explain how evidence supports your argument

  • Think
    • Consider the question you are responding to..
      • clearly direct your reader to specific words in your identified quote
      • what is the most important part of your identified quote?
      • which words specifically support your argument?
      • what synonyms can you use to define the meaning?
  • Write
    • Write your definition in (at least) a single, concise sentence
      • always express an idea in words that do not yet exist on your page
      • switch words you’ve found in the quote and used in your argument for synonyms (do not repeat words in your identified quote or from your argument)
      • do not repeat what you’ve already said in your argument (develop your answer – can you put your argument sentence here and create a better argument sentence?)


The narrator establishes tension in the order of events between Marley’s death and the suggestion that this is only temporary.

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