Skilled readers are able to…

  1. recognise the antecedents (the noun referred to) for pronouns
  2. figure out the meaning of unknown words from context clues
  3. figure out the grammatical function (word class) of an unknown word
  4. understand intonation of characters’ words
  5. identify characters’ beliefs, personalities and motivations
  6. understand characters’ relationships to one another
  7. provide details about setting
  8. provide explanations for events or ideas that are presented in the text
  9. offer details / own explanations for events presented in the text
  10. understand the author’s view of the world
  11. recognise the author’s biases
  12. relate what is happening in the text to their own knowledge of the world
  13. offer conclusions from facts presented in the text

Content of this page adapted from: Beers (figure 5.2):