1. Identify a word or phrase from every line/sentence that stands out for you (try to pick a noun). For example, from the effects of Metaphors and Similes:
    Possible effects are…
    • makes writing more vivid, imaginative, thought provoking, and meaningful
    • develops theme
    • stimulates ideas beyond the page
    • all imagery gives the person/animal/thing being described the characteristics of something else
  2. Assign each word or phrase to a finger – tap it as you recite the word or phrase


  1. Write a list to help you memorise the word or phrase (as above)
  2. Begin to memorise – by reading an item from the list, whilst tapping the associated finger,
    • Repeat this over and over
    • Add the next item on the list to your recital, and move to the next tapping finger
    • Try to not look at the list
    • Expand your memorising to the next item and the next item, until you think you can recite them fairly well – if you mess up or forget, don’t worry, give yourself some time before trying to look back at the list
  3. Add a physical movement or gesture that the word might represent or that you can associate with the word(s)
  4. Once you have the order and the words memorised and can recite them easily, now repeat the process, but build yourself up to reciting the entire line, using the same method (this is where rote learning comes in, but you should find it easier now that you have memorised the hooks).