The mnemonic

  • Restate / Relate
  • Answer
  • Cite
  • Explain
  • React
  • Signify


Racers represents an acronym designed to assist students in analysing texts with depth. I have tried PEE, PEEA, PEEL, and most recently AIDRWL, but found either a perpetual lack of insight or utter confusion.

I have therefore continued to look for a suitable mnemonic that might be memorable and assist students in the delivery of their responses. I believe I have found that in Tantillo’s Racers (adapted here for my purposes).


The example that will be used throughout the following pages is:

The writer has structured the opening of A Christmas Carol through the use of third-person omniscient narration to create expectation. The quote that shows this is: “Marley was dead: to begin with.” The narrator establishes tension in the order of events between Marley’s death and the suggestion that this is only temporary. The use of the colon helps to create an uneasy anticipation in the reader as the writer is seemingly foreshadowing that Marley may not remain dead.

Adapted from Tantillo, S. (2014), Literacy and the Common Core. San Fransciso, Jossey-Bass (p.154)